Need Chord Inspiration?

A fresh, exciting chord progression is a perfect way to inspire amazing melodies, bass lines and drum patterns.

But sometimes our habits keep us from writing chord progressions that truly inspire us.

Forager presents a way of creating unique chord progressions that helps do just that.

For system requirements, compatibility, manual and videos, please visit support

Audio Demos

These chord progressions were written in minutes using Forager. Note: These music clips were edited, arranged and produced.

Lo-Fi Hip Hop
Dark Trap

how it works

Never Miss a Chord

Eliminate your musical blind spots by having all chords at your fingertips. Without needing music theory, Forager allows you to find awesome chord combos you never imagined

Controlled by Instruments

Use your MIDI instrument to play your chords

Exploring All Chords

  • Choose Notes Selection
  • Randomize
  • Audition Chords
  • Lock In the Best Ones


Money Back Guarantee

We want you to have a chance to take your music to the next level and try our product for 30 days. If you don’t love it, simply contact us at support and we’ll happily refund you.


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